Visual Media Laboratory

Visual Media Laboratory

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People & Research

  • MS Theses
  1. Natalie Gallegos, Summer 2017
  2. Michael Fong, Summer 2017
  3. Richard Cross, Extension of Existing JPL Lunar Lighting Tool for Illumination of Mars Surface, Fall 2016
  4. Ansab Ijaz, Invisible walls: 3D model alignment with 2D image, Summer 2016

  5. Saman Saeedi, Application of Machine Learning In Automatic Recognition Of Sub-Kilometer Lunar Impact Craters, Fall 2015
  6. Yinchu Xia, Cancle.JS & DS4.JS: A Pseudo 3D Ray Casting Game Engine for Web Browsers Using JavaScript, Fall 2015

  7. Knaur, Keenan, Framework Development for an Interactive Online Engineering Education Environment, 2012
  8. Schiff, Jonathan, Removal of Non-periodic Signals Using Frequency Analysis Based on DCT Coefficient, 2012
  9. Mejia, Victor, Automatic moving object detection in H.264 video sequences using motion and color features and bi-modal Gaussian approximation, 2011
  10. Bhole, Pallavi. Analysis of super resolution reconstruction based on multiframe interpolation using differential orthonormal wavelets, 2010
  11. Sawant, Prajakta. Integrating bilateral interpolation into multi-frame non-uniform interpolation for super-resolution, 2010
  12. Chansamorn, Kanokwan. Project and asset management system for scientific visualization applications, 2009
  13. Jain, Amit. Evaluation of recommender systems, 2009 (co-advisor)
  14. Chang, Jerry. Tracking SIFT features in video in conjunction with affine motion, 2009
  15. Sahu, Ashok K.. Emulating augmentative alternative communication devices, 2009
  16. Moody, Juniko I.. Proposal for an interdisciplinary class in game development Pipeline using 3DS Max, Photoshop and Unreal Editor 3, 2008 (co-advisor)
  17. O’Malley, Stacy. Splitting image, 2008
  18. Breed, Kelly. Vanishing point architectural image retrieval, 2008
  19. Hu, Zhenghui. An automatic license plate recognition system using image processing and neural network, 2007
  20. Cervantes, Albert F.. Progressive feature based multi-image registration, 2007
  • Other Research/Projects
    • There are additional CS MS/BS Students who worked under various (funded or non-funded) projects and/or research study course (in random order): Rone Kwei Lim, Jigar H Patel, Julia Yefimenko, Jason Higuchi, Phu Kieu, Spencer Perreault, Ziba Rostamian, Keenan Knaur, Grady Laksmono, George Navarro, Cristina De Cesare-Dunnick, Jose Armenero, Ernie Laverdi, Devangi Patel, Ayse Kolat Can, Michael Avenesian, Norelia Jacinto, Gabor Kondas