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Welcome to the Student home page. Here you will find links to various online sources most helpful to the student community. Future students click here.

Important Dates

The quarter system is a very high-speed environment, ten weeks can go by very fast. Students are responsible for being aware of important dates and deadlines. We advise students to use a day planner or calendar to plan their week and ensure an academically successful quarter.


Keep track of the classes you need to take to fulfill your degree goal. Students should seek academic advisement on a regular basis. It will increase your opportunity to graduate in a timely manner.


Avoiding debt while going through school can be a huge obstacle for many students. There are several options available to help you fund your way through school.

Student Life

More than 130 student organizations offer countless involvement opportunities and over 350 events are hosted each year on campus. Bands, movies, TV show tapings, museum trips, snowboarding, and major events: there is always something to do.


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