Awards and Recognition

Student organization members and their advisors may be nominated for the following awards that are presented during the spring semester’s Student Leader Awards.  If you want to acknowledge and recognize an advisor, officer, or members’ dedication, consider applying for consideration for the following awards:

Outstanding Organization Officers

Student organization officers motivate members to achieve organizational goals, mentor developing leaders, record organization minutes, maintain historical files and photo albums, and manage the budget.  The Outstanding Student Organization Officer Awards will recognize officers who have made extraordinary contributions to their organization throughout their term of office.

Outstanding Scholarship/Academic Program

Student organizations complement the University’s commitment to academic excellence through the academic programs and scholarship opportunities they provide students.  Many student organizations exist to enhance the academic opportunities students have outside the classroom at Cal State L.A.  The outstanding Scholarship/Academic Program by a Student Organization Award will be presented to the one organization whose scholarship or academic program best strives to promote academic success for Cal State L.A. students.

Outstanding Community Service/Philanthropic Contribution

Student organizations enhance the University experience by performing community service and contributing to philanthropic causes or associations.  The Outstanding Community Service Contribution by a Student Organization Award and the Outstanding Philanthropic Contribution by a Student Organization Award will recognize an organization that makes a difference in our community through their commitment to a service or philanthropic endeavor.

Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice

Student organizations enhance the University and community by contributing to social justice.  That is, working to create a more just, equitable and inclusive society free of racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, and other forms of oppression.  The Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice Award will be presented to one organization that demonstrates a strong commitment to social justice.

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor

Student organization advisors are instrumental to the success of student organizations by motivating members, providing examples of effective leadership and responsibility, challenging the organization to build upon previous accomplishments, and recognizing members for their dedication and hard work. The Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Awards recognize advisors who have made outstanding contributions to their organizations.

Student Organization of the Year/New Student Organization of the Year

Student organizations provide students with valuable experiences that complement their academic career.  They provide opportunities for leadership, networking, event planning experience, and career-related activities.  The Student Organization of the Year Award recognizes one organization that achieves excellence in their activities, service, scholarship and spirit. The New Student Organization of the Year award is open to any currently recognized student organization recognized or created for the first time on or after the first day of fall semester classes.

Applications for these awards are available in the beginning of spring quarter at the Center for Student Involvement, and at the University-Student Union website.