Departmental Resources

Departmental Resources

Associated Students, Incorporated

The Associated Students, Incorporated (A.S.I.) is the official student governance structure for Cal State LA. ASI.  is composed of students who are involved in making important decisions about our campus.  The primary purpose of ASI is to protect the rights and interests of the individual student and the entire student body. A.S.I. exists to serve as a learning laboratory for student leadership development. There are opportunities for students to gain experience and training in political participation and community leadership. Those interested in serving on a committee can apply through A.S.I.

In addition to the representation of student voice, A.S.I. strives to enrich the life of the campus community and compliment the educational mission of the University through additional programs and services. The Associated Students, Inc. seeks to provide a broad spectrum of quality programming including social, cultural, educational and recreational activities to meet the needs of our pluralistic CSULA community. A.S.I.  also provides  locker rentals, a book voucher program and student health insurance.  You can also purchase discount movie and amusement park tickets, through the Cashier’s Office, Window #6 at Administration 128. 

We encourage all clubs and organizations to get involved in the University Council of Clubs and Organizations (U.C.C.O.).  The U.C.C.O. strives to promote and encourage student clubs and organizations to be aware of and participate in the campus governance of California State University, Los Angeles. The U.C.C.O. serves as a forum for communication and cooperation between officially recognized clubs and organizations and A.S.I.   Clubs and organizations that participate in the U.C.C.O. gain access to additional resources in A.S.I.  Please visit our website for more information:

Cross Cultural Centers

The Cross Cultural Centers (CCC) includes the Asian Pacific Islander Student Resource Center, Chicana/o Latina/o Student Resource Center, Pan African Student Resource Center, and the Gender and Sexuality Resource.

Our mission is to encourage student learning as well as foster an inclusive campus environment that challenges racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of oppression. With a commitment to increasing cross-cultural awareness, we offer a wide variety of programs and services that explore both the shared and unique experiences, histories, and heritages of our diverse community.

The CCC offers great opportunities for culturally-focused student organizations. We serve as a communication center for student organizations, where members can receive messages and mail, hold small meetings and workshops, and use computers. We provide support to student organizations in event planning, including advice, publicity, and co-sponsorship. We also offer trainings and workshops for student organizations and classes. We offer academic and personal development workshops, as well as tutoring services, to all students through the S.T.A.R.S. (Students Taking Action for Retention and Success) mentor program.  We offer opportunities for students to explore social justice issues through the annual Next Step Social Justice Retreat.

Visit us and find out more at our location in the University-Student Union, Room 206 and online at

Housing Services

Several opportunities are offered in Housing for a student to develop leadership skills. Recruitment for Resident Assistant (R.A.) positions usually begins in February. Applications are usually available the first.  Recruitment for positions in the Residents Hall Association (RHA) begins in the fall quarter.  As live-in staff members, Resident Assistants (R.A.’s) are the key to providing a positive and impactful experience to the residential community. Additionally, they must be able to effectively mediate resident concerns, provide a high level of customer service, take appropriate action during emergency situations and consistently enforce policies. R.A.’s must also serve as an effective role model and aim to have a positive influence on the growth and the development of students through peer leadership, developmental and education programming, and one on one interventions with students.

For more information, contact Housing Services at (323) 343-4800.

Cal State L.A. Golden Eagles Athletics

One of the biggest sources of pride on a University campus is the athletics program.  Golden Eagle Athletic events are one of the best on-campus entertainment options for students. Cal State L.A. has a proud tradition of excellence in intercollegiate athletics and calls upon the student body to help continue to make that happen. 

The Cal State L.A. Division of Intercollegiate Athletics sponsors 11 varsity sports for men and women, competing at the NCAA Division II level as a member of the prestigious California Collegiate Athletic Conference.  Men's varsity sports offered at Cal State L.A. are baseball, basketball, soccer, and outdoor track and field.  Women's varsity sports offered are basketball, cross country, soccer, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field and volleyball. 

Opportunities exist for students to become members of one of those varsity teams as well as within the Golden Eagle pep band and cheerleading squad, both of which are vital parts of Cal State L.A. Athletics.  In all cases, student-leadership opportunities exist.  Athletics also can offer employment opportunities for students looking to become involved in everything from game management to public relations and marketing to assisting the coaching staffs.

To promote your student organization, consider collaborating with the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics.  Some ways the organization can become involved within athletics include:

  • A special night at a Cal State L.A. game (can be any sport).  Athletics will recognize the student organization and can have special promotional events for the group (e.g. halftime shootout).
  • Student organizations may promote their upcoming events while working with the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics to increase school spirit.
  • A possible game day reception with the coaching staff and players.
  • An opportunity for a student organization leader to be an honorary coach for a game.

Interested groups or individuals should contact Golden Eagle Athletics at (323) 343-3080 or stop by the athletics office in the P.E. Building, Room 104.  All of our coaches, players and administration look forward to seeing all students at Golden Eagle events throughout the year!

University Orientation Program

Student organizations can extend their recruitment process by sharing information about their organizations with new students at University Orientation. The University Orientation Program invites student organizations to include recruitment flyers and brochures in the Orientation bags. These bags are distributed to students participating in the Orientation programs. Don’t miss out on this free advertising opportunity.

In addition to recruiting for your student organization, positions are available as Orientation Leaders. As an Orientation Leader, you will develop leadership and communication skills, while assisting students with their transition to the University. Orientation Leader recruitment occurs every winter quarter. Become an Orientation Leader and help new students discover Cal State L.A.!

For more information about advertising, or the Orientation Leader position, please contact the University Orientation Program at (323) 343-3195, or visit us in Student Affairs, room 101.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center offers Cal State L.A. students a variety of quality health services, including: screening, diagnostic, and treatment services for a wide array of health conditions; health education; and psychological counseling. Many of our services are available to students at no additional cost beyond the quarterly mandatory health fee. For more information call the Student Health Center at (323) 343-3300 or visit us on the Student Health Center website.

Student organizations are encouraged to take advantage of the Center’s health education services. Workshops and trainings may be scheduled for organization meetings related to: alcohol and other drugs; CPR; healthy living; safer sex; sexual assault and other violence prevention and intervention; weight management; stress management; and other health issues.

Opportunities to cosponsor health events, such as workshops, blood drives, and free HIV testing, are also available. For additional information contact the Health Promotion and Education Center at (323) 343-3340 or visit us in the Student Health Center, Room 215.


By participating in the EPIC program, students can gain valuable experience in their career field and at the same time contribute to their communities. EPIC (Educational Participation in Communities) is Cal State L.A.'s nationally recognized community service learning program.  Established in 1966 through the joint efforts of Associated Students and the University, EPIC has helped establish community service as an important Cal State LA tradition. Through off campus field placements with nonprofit community based agencies in the areas of education, social services, medical services, legal services, and on campus volunteer opportunities in student run service projects, EPIC recruits hundreds of students each year into meaningful community service. In return, EPIC volunteers gain invaluable work experiences, learn job skills and gain opportunities to apply classroom theory in real life settings.

EPIC coordinates the placement of students enrolled in service learning courses and offers other credit opportunities for students engaged in volunteer service. There are also numerous work study employment opportunities for qualified students in the EPIC office and in their America Reads/Counts tutorial program. You may visit the EPIC office at their location on the lower level of the Career Development Center or call them at (323) 343-3380 for more information.