Frequently Asked Questions and Event Planning Resources

Here is the list of Frequently Asked Questions that many organizations members ask in regard to planning events on or off campus;

How do I know if I need to complete an Event Registration form?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you must submit an Event Form.  Is your organization…

  • Planning the event (reserving facilities, booking talent, etc.)?
  • Contributing money toward the event?
  • Assisting with the logistics or implementation of the event?
  • Represented on a committee that is planning the event?
  • Allowing their name or logo to appear on publicity (printed or electronic)?
  • Passing out fliers or assisting with the publicity for the event?
  • Attending an off-campus event?
  • Selling tickets to the event?
  • Volunteering or staffing at the event?

Do I need to fill out any forms if we are having an event?

Yes, in order to have any type of event on or off campus, your organization must submit a completed Event Registration Form.

If the event is on campus and food and/or beverages not provided by University Catering will be available, you must also submit a Temporary Food Facility Permit.

When do the forms need to be submitted?

All forms must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event and before any publicity is posted.  It is a good idea to get it in earlier, to confirm reservations, publicity, etc.

Who needs to sign the Event Registration Form?

The Event Form must be signed by the student organization on-campus advisor, the student organization officer responsible for the event, and the Center for Student Involvement staff once it has been completed and reviewed.

If the event is a fundraiser, the organization President and Treasurer must sign the Statement of Policy Regarding Fund Raisers on the back side of the Event Form.

Where do I bring the forms?

Initially, you will bring all completed forms to the Center for Student Involvement, located on the second floor of the University-Student Union, room 204.

What is a Temporary Food Facility Permit?

The Temporary Food Facility Permit is a form required for all organizations to submit if they are planning an event ON CAMPUS, with food and/or beverages not provided by University Catering.  Commonly referred to as the ‘Food Permit,’ this form requires the signature of 3 different entities on campus.  Please note that the signatures must be obtained in the following order:

  1. Organization Officer
  2. Center for Student Involvement
  3. University  Auxiliary Services
  4. Environmental Health and Safety.

If we are having an event on campus serving only beverages, do we need to submit a Temporary Food Permit? 

Yes.  A Food Permit is required any time your organization will be serving any kind of food or beverages not provided by University Catering.

If our event is off campus, do we need a food permit?

No.  A Food Permit is not required for off campus events.

If we have an event at an off-campus restaurant, do we need to complete any forms?

Yes, an Event Registration Form must be completed and submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event.

If our organization is having a benefits to proceed (fundraiser) activity, what forms do we need to complete?

Your organization must submit an Event Registration Form, with both the President and Treasurer’s signatures under the Statement of Policy Regarding Benefits to Proceeds Transactions.  If the activity is on campus, and involves food not provided by University Catering, a Food Permit is also required.

Do we need to complete an Event Form for general meetings?

No, an Event Form is required for any activity besides your organization general meeting.

If our event is in 9 business days, can’t we just turn in the Event Registration Form?

No.  An Event Registration Form must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance, no exceptions will be made.  If your event date is 9 business days away, you may change the date of your event to reflect the 10 business day policy.

Can we get funding for the event?

Depending on the nature and scope of your event, your organization may qualify for student organization funding through ASI.  For more information contact ASI at 323-343-4778.

If our organization needs assistance in planning an event or conference, what do we do?

Come to the Center!  Our staff is here to assist all organizations with various needs, from helping brainstorm activities, to doing an event checklist, and providing workshops.  You may drop by the Center and make an appointment to discuss your event/questions.

Event Planning Resources

Program Planning Checklist

Prior to the event (as early as possible)

  • Complete an Event Registration Form for Student Organizations (see Section 7)
  • Select date, time, and location for event (make reservations).
  • Determine budget.
  • Select artist, performer, and/or program.
  • Brainstorm publicity and advertising plans.
  • Determine whether performer will require audio-visual equipment (microphone, sound system, etc.) or a special set-up (chairs arranged in a semi-circle; podium required) and make arrangements to reserve these items.
  • If food and beverages are necessary, fill out the Temporary Food Facility Permit form for prepackaged food/beverages and upon approval order these items.
  • Contact performer about any special arrangements they require.

4 Weeks in Advance

  • Distribute publicity materials.
  • Confirm facility set up and audio-visual with appropriate personnel.
  • Confirm food and beverage order.
  • Review budget versus expenses to ensure that you are on target.
  • Recruit volunteers to help out with event.
  • Plan what responsibilities each volunteer will have and discuss with volunteers.  (Don’t forget to have people volunteer for set-up and clean-up crew.)
  • Determine whether having an evaluation of the event filled out by the audience would be helpful.  If so, prepare one and have it photocopied.  Be aware that you may need to provide pencils.
  • Prepare payment for performer, food service, etc.

Day of the Event

  • Decorate the facility.  (You may wish to hang your organization banner to show who is sponsoring the event.)
  • Greet performers when they arrive.
  • Greet the audience as they arrive.
  • Introduce performers.
  • Start the event on time.
  • After the event is finished, clean up the facility and assist performers with packing up their materials.

Follow Up (within 1 week after the program)

  • Confirm that all performers and services have been paid.
  • Send “Thank You” notes.

Congratulate yourself and your organization members on a successful program!