Publicity Procedures

Upon the successful submission of your student organization Event Registration Form, your organization can then begin to market its event. Please consult with CSI regarding approved advertising locations, methods and materials. The Use of Facilities Committee can also assist you with identifying the most effective ways to advertise your event on the Cal State LA Campus.

Reserving Tables to Promote Student Organization Involvement/Solicitation

Soliciting students to become involved in your organization must be done in authorized areas (i.e.., on the U-SU Walkway from behind a table).  However, no attempt should be made to stop people on the walkway.  Table reservation requests that include food should include the completion of an Event Registration Form and the Temporary Food Facility Permit submitted at least 10 business days prior to the tabling event.  After submittal to the Center for Student Involvement, reservations may be made through the U-SU Meeting and Event Services office during regular office hours 8:00 am. – 6:00 pm., Monday-Friday.

Student organizations are responsible for not damaging campus facilities when advertising events. For example, blue tape is used to post fliers because it does not damage surfaces. Please consult with CSI regarding recommended advertising strategies.

The following statement must appear verbatim on all constitutions, bylaws, and printed publicity: “The actions and opinions of this organization do not necessarily reflect those of the students, staff, faculty, or administration of California State University, Los Angeles.”


In addition to these procedures, student organizations should also refer to the University's Policy on Time, Place, and Manner of Free Expression, when planning its publicity efforts and events.  

Approved Campus Advertising Locations

ASI Information Kiosks

To publicize on ASI. kiosks, bring the flier to the ASI. Administrative Office in the University-Student Union, U-SU 203.  A staff member will stamp the fliers to approve for posting and will direct you to the kiosk locations around campus.  Fliers may remain on the kiosks for up to two weeks.  For more information contact the ASI Administrative Office at (323) 343-4778.

Publicizing in the Housing Complex at Cal State LA

Posting on Bulletin Boards:

  • In order to publicize an event in Housing and Resident Life, bring a copy of the advertisement to the Housing Services Office for approval.
  • Leave your name and phone number for the Marketing Coordinator.  If the advertisement is not approved, you will be contacted and given an explanation on why we cannot post it and/or give suggestions on what is needed to have it approved.
  • Two approved copies of the advertisement will be posted in designated areas in the Phase I and II Housing Community Centers. 
  • Only flyers advertising Cal State LA events will be posted.
  • Posting on doors and around Housing is prohibited.

Flyer distribution and advertising in Housing and Residence Life:

You may drop off up to seventeen 8.5x11 flyers at the Housing front desk in Phase II.  We will review the content for approval and post in our community.  Please do not post flyers or other advertisements in the Housing Community on your own.  You may also email your activity information to the Marketing Coordinator who can post on a variety of Housing Services social media outlets.  Please refer to the Housing website for contact information: 

Posting Regulations for Campus Departments

Art Department and Galleries:

  1. Submit flyers and posters to the Art Department, FA 327.
  2. Ask for a representative to take a look at your flyer.
  3. A representative will then direct you to where you can post.


  1. Go to Division II, PE Room 104, and ask for the Sports Information Director (extension 3-5308).
  2. Submit flyers along with your name, phone number and e-mail address.
  3. A representative will contact you the following day informing you if your flyers are approved for posting.
  4. Come back to the office and a representative will direct you to the areas where you may post flyers.

Academic Departments (classrooms and lecture halls):

  1. Submit flyers and posters to the respective Departments.
  2. Ask for a representative to review your flyer.
  3. A representative will then direct you to locations you can post flyers and posters.


  1. Go to Library North room B 526B and ask for Sylvia Velasquez (extension 3-3990).
  2. Submit your flyers to Sylvia. She will direct you to the area where you can post.
  3. If she is not in her office, you may also submit your flyers to the Administrative Office B527.

Be sure that when you post flyers anywhere on campus, that you have permission by the coordinator of the bulletin boards. Please allow for a three-day turnaround when requesting to post flyers on department bulletin boards. Flyers posted on walls and areas that are not approved will be taken down. All flyers should be posted with “painter’s or blue tape.” If you cause damage to state property, you may be held responsible.  

Press Releases

Working with the University’s Public Affairs Office to produce press releases will enable you to receive maximum on- and off-campus exposure. In order to receive assistance in promoting University-sponsored events and programs, draft information or outline the facts, and then call (323) 343-3050 for an appointment. Public Affairs can provide sample press releases and assistance in formatting the release to prepare them for media distribution. (Note: Press releases are usually sent 3-4 weeks before the date of the event, so remember to plan far ahead.)

Cal State LA Calendar of Events

Contact the Public Affairs Office at (323) 343-3050. Provide University event title, date, time, location, a brief description, list of sponsors and information phone numbers for possible inclusion. This information will be placed on the Cal State LA Calendar of Events. Send this information as early as possible. The online calendar may be found at