Requesting Meeting Space in Housing

Fall 2020 Student Organization Event Procedure Disclaimer:

Student organizations are prohibited from holding in-person events, meetings, and activities either on or off campus.  In addition, the following in-person elements will not be approved for student organization events and as such should be excluded from your planning processes: 

  • Food for public consumption provided by the organization
  • Alcohol consumption or access to alcohol 
  • Activities that require general release waivers 
  • Benefits to proceeds/fundraising transactions conducted in person 
  • On-Campus space and room reservations  

Failure to comply with these virtual student organization procedures and requirements could ultimately result in your organization’s loss of University recognition and the benefits associated with that status for the remainder of the 2020-2021 Academic Year to be reviewed for Fall 2021.  Furthermore, confirmed student organization procedure violations, including but not limited to event registration, may ultimately lead to individual student conduct proceedings

The following sections of the Student Organization Handbook are provided for reference and are applicable when student organizations are allowed to hold in-person events. Prior to the start of the Spring 2021 semester, these procedures will be reviewed and updated in accordance with University and Los Angeles city and county of guidelines.  

Housing Space Reservations

All those who are interested in reserving programming space will be required to fill out a Space Reservation request form no more than 30 days before the event.  The form is available at Space Reservation Request Policies and Procedures.

Don’t forget!  If you are planning to have any type of event in Housing, or any other area on or off campus, you must complete an Event Registration Form with the Center for Student Involvement.