Withdrawal of Recognition and Sanctioning of Student Organizations

If University policies and procedures are violated, student organization sanctions include but are not limited to: written warning; suspension of the organization recognition; and withdrawal of organization recognition.  Individuals may also be sanctioned by the University for their role in violating policy.

Recognition will be withdrawn if a student organization fails to meet the student organization recognition requirements inclusive of:

  • A completed Student Organization Petition for Recognition containing the names, signatures, and CIN of at least 30 currently enrolled Cal State LA students (in blue or black ink only).
  • A completed Student Organization Roster with the names of at least five currently enrolled California State University, Los Angeles students who are, or have stated in writing an intent to be, members of your organization (in blue or black ink only).
  • A completed Student Organization Officer Information Form with the names and the contact information of at least five Cal State LA student officers. Organization officers must be meet all eligibility requirements.
  • A submitted organization constitution that meets the University's requirements
  • Attendance of the required Organizational Development Conference each semester.  

In addition, for Greek organizations, recognition will be withdrawn if updated rosters are not completed within the specified time period; a group has consistent neighborhood relations violations; or is suspended by the international or national headquarters. 

Organizations who lose their recognition also lose the benefits associated with this status.