American Institutions US History

Criteria for Evaluating GE Course Proposals                 Download Word Document

American Institutions (U.S. History) GE Requirement

In general, course proposals for courses submitted as satisfying specific general education requirements must provide:

1.       Clear evidence that student learning outcomes specific to the block or GE requirement are being taught and assessed

2.       Course content in outline that demonstrates adequate time devoted to teaching and assessing the outcomes

3.       Evidence of specific training, currency and/or experience in the basic intellectual and pedagogic competencies in the specific block or designated area

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American Institutions Subject Matter Elements

Proposal clearly demonstrates that the course addresses

1.       Significant events covering a minimum time span of approximately one hundred years and occurring in the entire area now included in the United States of America, including the relationships of regions within that area and with external regions and powers as appropriate to the understanding of those events within the United States during the period under study

2.       The role of major ethnic and social groups in such events and the contexts in which the events have occurred

3.       The events presented within a framework that illustrates the continuity of the American experience and its derivation from other cultures, including consideration of three or more of the following: politics, economics, social movements, and geography

If the response to any of the AI subject matter elements above is No, the course will be returned unapproved.

Block or GE Requirement Student Learning Outcomes

Proposal clearly demonstrates that student learning outcomes are being taught and assessed sufficiently

1.       Demonstrate civic literacy that would enable them to participate effectively in a democratic society, including an understanding of the requirements of democratic citizenship.

2.       Use inquiry processes, including qualitative reasoning and critical thinking to engage with contemporary and enduring questions regarding United States institutions and government.

3.       Demonstrate understanding of ethical principles and values that have shaped United States institutions and ideals throughout the history of the United States and its government.

4.       Demonstrate understanding of United States institutions and ideals within the context of a changing and diverse society, including the impact of government on the introduction and evolution of various cultures and institutions in the United States and the effect of new cultures and institutions on the structures and policies of federal and state government.

5.       Demonstrate understanding of the historical diversity of cultures and communities in the United States.

6.       Demonstrate understanding of cultural expression in the historical context of the United States.


Implementation and Assessment

Proposal or supplemental materials provide evidence of

·         Specific training, currency and/or experience in the basic intellectual and pedagogic competencies in the specific block or designated area