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Hikari by Ivan Sandoval          Painting by permission of the artist


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Curriculog Training Session

A. Training Webinars 

  • Training sessions (20 – 45 minutes each) are offered via Zoom.
  • Each session covers 1 to 2 topics and is independent.
  • Training schedule and registration direction are posted on Curriculog.


B. Private Group Training

  • Each session can be up to an hour.​ May schedule up to two sessions.
  • Select a combination of topics.
  • At least 3 participants are required to form a group.  Participants can be from multiple departments.
  • The Curriculum Analyst of your college will coordinate your session. Please click on the contact to send your request.

The Assistant to the Associate Dean of your college will coordinate a session upon request.  Their contact information is the following:


Leticia Ramirez (3-4004)


Miriam Herrera (3-2800)


Erica Bautista (3-4305)


Tricia Trejo (3-4510)


Leilani Landin (3-6960)


Claudia Rivas (3-4602)


Amy Miller (3-2005)

Your Account & Your role

Curriculog Tutorial Videos (created by DigArc)

Help Guides for the Originators

For Agenda Administrators (Dept. Chairs and College Associate Deans)

Help Guides for the Committee Members

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