The Academic Senate approved changes to the Policy on Minors that now specifies a minimum of 12 units of courses in the minor that must be unique from the required core of the major.  There is no limit on how many courses can overlap or double count with major elective requirements.  This policy should be kept in mind when students seek to add a minor to their academic plans.  

See the table on Minors not Available by Major for information on which minors are not available to students in the corresponding majors.    


Although not required for a baccalaureate, minors are available in many fields that will help strengthen students’ preparation in areas related to their major field or to career choices. A minor consists of a formal aggregate of courses totaling 12 or more semester units.  At least 9 semester units must be upper division and taken in residence at Cal State L.A. A minimum of 12 units must be distinct from the core requirements in the student's major but may overlap with the electives in the major. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required in the minor program. Students must get approval from an advisor in the minor department in order to declare a minor. It is essential that this advisor verify that the courses used to satisfy the minor are aligned with the criteria stated above. The minor field will be noted on the student’s transcript and on the student's diploma if the individual program has been approved by the offering department/division/school and is completed at the same time as or prior to the work for the degree itself. 

Maximum Number of Majors and Minors

It is expected that students will complete study toward their baccalaureate degree in no more than 120% (144 units for a standard 120-unit program) of the units required by their primary degree program, including a second major or any minors.  Undergraduates may declare up to (a) two majors without a minor (b) one major and two minors.

With the approval of the proposed department(s), students wishing to exceed the unit limit that would result from changing majors, adding a second major, or exceeding the maximum number of majors and minors may petition the Dean of Undergraduate Studies for approval.