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Fall 2022 Catalog

Catalog-Ready Roadmap(s) for degree programs due:  April 15, 2022


Fall 2023 Catalog

Curriculum proposals deadlines to reach UGS/GS review

Course: May 27, 2022

Program: September 30, 2022

Curriculum Calendar, Approval Process, and Timelines 

Curriculum Review Cycle Calendars:

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Approval Process:

  • Internal timeline worksheet for department/college levels review.
  • Please consult with your department and college for the internal timelines at the department and college levels.
  • Below is the timeline for university-level review. Right-Click on the diagrams to enlarge the image.
  • The dates in red are NOT soft timelines. Proposals reach these steps after the red dates are considered late, may not be edited for resubmission, and are subjected to be canceled.

Approval Process


2023-2024 Timeline

Curriculog Training

A. Training Webinars: 

  • Training sessions (20 – 45 minutes each) are offered via Zoom.
  • Each session covers 1 to 2 topics and is independent.
  • Training schedule and registration direction are posted on Curriculog.
B. Private Group Training:
  • Each session is about 45 minutes to an hour.​ Up to two sessions can be scheduled together.
  • Select a combination of topics.
  • At least 3 participants are required to form a group.  Participants can be from multiple departments.
  • The Curriculum Analyst of your college will coordinate your session. Please click on the contact to send your request.

Leticia Ramirez
Miriam Herrera
Erica Bautista
Tricia Trejo
Claudia Rivas
Isabelle Garcia
Amy Miller
Esther Tam



Resources and References

Curriculum Archive

  • Proposals that were approved since Fall 2019: please search Curriculog for completed proposals with the advanced filter. (login required)
  • Proposals that were approved prior to Fall 2019 are archived in SharePoint, look up the archived proposals. (login required)
  • To obtain a pdf copy of the archived proposals, please contact the assistant to the Associate Dean of your college.

Updated: 05/28/2022