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Photo of President William A. Covino.

As Cal State L.A.'s new president, I would like to hear from you.

I welcome all questions, particularly those regarding my vision for CSULA, and how the university may better serve the campus community, the region and California. But the question is your choice, so ask away.

I may not be able to answer all questions submitted but I hope you will find this a useful way for us to become acquainted.

Thank you.
William A. Covino

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Q: Welcome to CSULA President Covino. I look forward to seeing you around campus. My question is… How will you work to improve collaboration on campus among faculty, staff and administration? Thank you.

A: Let's start with what we all agree is most important: student success. This goal involves all of us: the faculty who teach our students, the staff members who advise and greet and support our students, the facilities staff who keep the campus running and clean and welcoming, and so forth. Collaboration always works best when all of us at the table share a common goal, and can offer different perspectives for approaching it.

Q: Hi President Covino. What will be your top priority or issue to address when classes begin this fall?

A: The two questions I will ask consistently as we consider how best to move forward, are 1) How can we best assure that all of our students successfully earn a degree that is rigorous, current, and rewarding? and 2) how can we as a university contribute to the greater good, especially the quality of life in Los Angeles and beyond?

Q: Hello President Covino and welcome to Cal State L.A. Can you describe what it takes to be a good leader at an urban university, such as CSULA?

A: I have found the best leaders to be much more interested in the strengths, talents, and passions of those around them, than in their individual achievements. With that in mind, I think that leading a great university in a great city requires becoming a strong partner, an institution that understands the opportunities and challenges that define the Greater Los Angeles area, and fuels the innovation, service, creativity, scholarship and economic and social mobility that make both the university and the city great.


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