Cal State L.A. - Analytical Studies Mission Statement

The Director of Analytical Studies & Data Administration reports to the Vice President for Information Resources Management and conducts or coordinates institutional research for the University. He is responsible for analyzing and reporting on student characteristics from CSLA's Student Information System (OASIS) and survey data. His duties include:
  • Providing student data to external and internal constituencies, including:
    • Official reporting of Enrollment Reporting System (ERS) and Academic Planning Data Base (APDB) data to the CSU Chancellor's Office.
    • Daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual reports for faculty and staff, using the world wide web and Sysout Archive and Retrieval (SAR) system.
  • Auditing CSLA official data for accuracy and consistency.
  • Reviewing changes to OASIS data element definitions.
  • Coordinating and/or conducting mandated on-campus surveys of students, such as the Student Needs and Priorities Survey (SNAPS), Student Expenses and Resources Survey (SEARS), College Student Survey (CSS), and the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey.
  • Responding to external surveys of colleges and universities.
  • Assessing economic, social, and environmental trends that will affect the University.
  • Providing staff support to the Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee, Student Assessment Subcommittee, and Enrollment Management Task Forces.
  • Participating in the activities of the state (CAIR) and national (AIR) Associations of Institutional Research.

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