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SAR is a database product that is marketed by Goal Systems and is designed to take IBM mainframe reports ("SYSOUTs" in IBM jargon) and archive them in a mainframe database. The archived reports are indexed so that users can retrieve all or part of the reports as needed.

Analytical Studies uses SAR to provide Cal State L.A. faculty and staff with an extensive series of reports from the OASIS, ERS, and APDB. Instructions for accessing and using SAR reports are contained in this and the linked documents.

SAR reports are not available over the internet, but are available to faculty and staff through the OASIS mainframe. To access these reports, users must have (1) an OASIS account and (2) permission to access SAR reports.

  • If you do not have an OASIS account, contact the CSLA Computer Center at (323) 343-2600 to obtain an account application form.
  • If you have an OASIS account, but do not have access to Analytical Studies SAR reports, contact the Analytical Studies Office at (323) 343-2730 to obtain a SAR access form.

Versions of certain reports available in SAR are being made available, on an experimental basis, through the Analytical Studies Web Data Page, but for now, the most comprehensive set of university reports is available through SAR.

The following documents provide further information on the Analytical Studies SAR reports:

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