Electrical and Computer Engineering (323) 343-4470

Jeffrey Y. Beyon
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, University Park
Contact: (323) 343-4578
E-mail: jbeyon@calstatela.edu

  • Statistical and speech digital signal processing
  • Design of data acquisition systems
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Fluent in: Korean.

Fred Daneshgaran
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ph.D., UCLA
Contact: (323) 343-4480
E-mail: fdanesh@calstatela.edu

  • Distributed channel coding and modulation
  • Wireless communications
  • Reconfigurable systems and software radio and spread-spectrum communications
  • Global positioning systems
  • Distributed signal processing in sensor networks
  • Fiber optics, with focus on sensory and telecommunications applications
  • Stablization of the laser oscillations
  • Holographic imaging

Fluent in: Italian, Persian.

Jane Dong
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Contact: (323) 343-4581
E-mail: jdong2@calstatela.edu

  • Computer networking
  • Video communication
  • Image/video compression
  • QoS control in media transmission
  • Network protocol design
  • Information security

Martin S. Roden
Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering, Ph.D., Kensington University
Contact: (323) 343-4510
E-mail: mroden@calstatela.edu

  • Telecommunications
  • Analog and digital communication systems
  • Electronic design

Lili H. Tabrizi
Professor of Electrical Engineering; Ph.D., Michigan State University
Contact: (323) 343-4529
E-mail: ltabriz@calstatela.edu

  • Control systems and communication systems
  • Apprenticeship research program
  • Electrical engineering

Curtis Wang
Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering; Ph.D., Northwestern University
Contact: (323) 343-4514
E-mail: ywang11@calstatela.edu

  • Computer engineering
  • Biomedical engineering

Nancy Warter-Perez
Professor of Electrical Engineering; Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana
Contact: (323) 343-5927
E-mail: nwarter@calstatela.edu

  • Architecture of computers
  • High performance processors
  • Optimized compilers