School of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Food Science (323) 343-4650

Dwan M. Bridges
Professor of Kinesiology; Ph.D., Ohio State University
Contact: (323) 343-4658

  • Adaptive physical education
  • Motor development/learning
  • General physical education
  • Multiple disabilities
  • Mental retardation
  • General kinesiology, play skills and modeling techniques

Laura Calderon
Emerita Professor of Nutritional Science; Ph.D., Loma Linda University
Contact: (323) 343-5439

  • Public health
  • Community nutrition
  • Health promotion/disease prevention
  • Childhood and adolescent obesity
  • Eating disorders
  • Administrative dietetics

Sierra Cordova
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology; Ed.D., Cal State LA
Contact: (323) 343-4639

  • Youth development
  • Sports and physical activity

Andrew Cornwell
Professor of Kinesiology; Ph.D., Louisiana State University
Contact: (323) 343-4648

  • Motor control
  • Study of human movement
  • Neuromuscular issues in movement efficiency
  • Exercise and human performance laboratory

Ray de Leon
Professor of Kinesiology; Ph.D., UCLA
Contact: (323) 343-4855

  • Spinal cord injury exercise research
  • Neuromuscular rehabiltation/training
  • Use of robotic devices for training after spinal-cord injury
  • University Mobility Center

Christine Dy
Associate Professor of Kinesiology; Ph.D., UCLA
Contact: (323) 343-5440

  • Motor learning/control
  • Neuromuscular rehabilitation after spinal cord injury

Daniel Frankl
Professor of Kinesiology; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Contact: (323) 343-4662

  • Youth sports
  • Sociology and psychology of sports
  • Computer applications in kinesiology and physical education.

Fluent in: Hebrew, French, Serbo-Croatian.

Pera Jambazian
Professor of Nutritional Science; Ph.D. (ABD) Loma Linda University
Contact: (323) 343-4694

  • Food safety
  • Vitamin E and diet IGF
  • Osteoporosis and the elderly
  • Advanced nutrition

Fluent in: Armenian.

Anureet Kaur
Assistant Professor of Nutritional Science; Ph.D., Texas Women's University
Contact: (323) 343-4650

  • Nutrition (food and healthy eating)
  • Diet analysis

Fluent in: Hindi, Punjabi.

Stefan Keslacy
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology; Ph.D., University of Montpellier, France
Contact: (323) 343-4654

  • Exercise physiology 
  • Kinesiology
  • Spinal cord injury rehabilitation research

Nazareth Khodiguin
Professor of Kinesiology; Ph.D., USC
Contact: (323) 343-4676

  • Exercise physiology
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Exercise and human performance laboratory

Samuel Landsberger
Professor of Kinesiology and Mechanical Engineering; D.Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Contact: (310) 293-9485 or (323) 343-4655

  • Rehabilitation engineering and exercise
  • Devices that will help people with physical and cognitive disabilities
  • Exercise equipment and machines that are accessible for people with disabilities

Sunil Mangalassary
Assistant Professor of Nutritional Science; Ph.D., University of Iowa
Contact: (323) 343-5441

  • Food Science and Technology Program
  • Food safety
  • Food microbiology
  • Food packaging

Clea Tucker
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology; D.P.T., Azusa Pacific University
Contact: (323) 343-4641

  • Physical therapy
  • Movement science

Fluent in: Spanish.