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Student Success | Class of 2015

June 3, 2015

Mai-Ly Spiller - College of Arts and Letters, Class of 2015MAI-LY SPILLER
Bachelor of Science in graphic communications
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Mai-Ly Spiller possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and love of art that has helped propel her on the road to earning a Bachelor of Arts in graphic communications.

Since she was young girl, she painted, sculpted and made collages. At the same time, she was always looking for ways to earn money, be if from selling candy outside grocery stores to washing cars and charging 25 cents for drawings she produced as a fifth-grade student.

Mai-Ly enrolled in community college in Northern California and realized that she could turn her artistic endeavors into commercial ventures. She received her certificate in print production and website design.

“I picked up and moved to Los Angeles to start my own business and put myself through school—all without acquiring a dime of debt,” she says.

After she arrived, she enrolled at Cal State L.A. and focused on her DesignSpillz business. “I had the design skills,” she says. “But I came to Cal State L.A. to learn business, giving me the foundation needed to expand.”

She plans on developing her business, which involves putting her art on clothing. She says some of the proceeds have been used to help others.

“I fused together my passion to also help the less fortunate by having proceeds go to help people drink clean water. I started the clothing line established a few clean water filters and I told my talented artist friends to put their work on clothes,” Mai-Ly says. “I realized I loved helping artists as much as I did in doing my own art.”


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