Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Here is a glimpse of what fans are writing about now:

  • CSULA Thursday Trivia

    Every Thursday morning, we pose a new question about campus history, locations and happenings, for instance:

    Photo of and outdoor stair case on campus.

    What memories do you have from here?

    “Oh those evil stairs! I lived in KH and would sometimes walk down them for exercise.”
    Maria Moreno

    “LOL. I have fond memories of those stairs - those long and winding stairs, that aren’t for the timid. The stairs connect housing to the main campus. It’s a nice walk…”
    Mark Jetmir

    “I remember them fondly, but that was 19 years ago. I wonder if I could make it up to the top today. I do remember seeing many people stopping to catch their breath.”
    Catherine Schneider

  • Scholarships and Gifts

    We asked you to share how scholarships and gifts to the University impacted your life, and why you give now.

    See some of the responses in our Their Say section.

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