Have scholarships and gifts to the University impacted your life?

Have scholarships and gifts to the University impacted your life?

We posed the question to our online readers and fans on Cal State L.A. Today magazine’s Facebook page and this is what they had to say:

  • Joy Jansen reclines with her pet dog.

    Joy Jansen ’07

    “CSULA was a bridge for me to a better career and overall richer life experience. I don’t think I would have crossed the bridge nearly as quickly without the support of scholarships. What has been even more amazing and life-changing than being a recipient, however, has been serving on the Alumni Scholarship Committee… You cannot imagine the journeys many of the scholarship recipients have been on and how lucky we are to have them at CSULA!.”

  • Andre Khachtourians at the Golden Eagle.

    Andre Khachtourians ’05

    “Scholarships changed my life. Without help from these scholarships, I don’t think I would have been able to finish school in a timely manner or at all… Giving back is extremely important, that’s why I do it every year through the Annual Fund. I even made a career out of helping raise money for students in need.”

  • Leo Magrdichian sports a t-shirt with the message 'Wiil work for social change.'

    Leo James Magridchian ’08
    Master’s Degree Candidate, Social Work

    “Attending college while raising a family that includes five boys is hard enough, but having to do so without assistance would have been impossible. These generous gifts have allowed me to pursue a career in social work, which will directly impact the families that I will be working with.”

  • Portrait of Brittani D. Shelton.

    Brittani D. Shelton ’08

    “With tuition and housing costs steadily increasing, students feel the squeeze financially. The bulk of my survival is based on scholarships and grants… They have given me the time and opportunity to explore internships and volunteer work; they have eased financial anxiety and stress, allowing me to focus on my studies; and I will finish with less in loans to repay.”

  • Valentine Ewudo hanging out on campus.

    Valentine Ewudo ’10
    Bachelor’s degree candidate, nursing

    “Scholarships were one of the reasons why I came to Cal State L.A. — it would have been hard for me to come up with the means to pay for my education any other way. Now that I am here, I have been exposed to so many things that I don’t think I would have had elsewhere… I am well on my way to being a doctor and working in healthcare.”