Thoughts on Community Service

Thoughts on Community Service

  • Ernesto Brooks
    Television, Film and Media Studies

    “Community service is good because it gives you a chance to get involved in the community and it allows you to experiment with different things. It allows you to try different careers, so to say, because you get to explore things like me, for example, I volunteered at the hospital, so I got to see people like doctors, nurses all that kind of stuff. You get hands-on experience, which is very helpful for an individual because you get to see if you’re interested in that particular thing. And it’s great for all people considering certain careers, you can volunteer in that area.”

  • Andrea Aguilar
    Communication Studies

    “I believe community service is important because it allows people to get together and help out without needing the financial status. I’ve done community service and I’ve helped out a lot of people. And it just brings everybody closer and it’s a fun way that everybody can have fun and help the community out.”

  • Michael Leung
    Urban Learning

    “Community involvement is important because I believe we can gather all the people together to form as a group, to help each other to make the world much happier than it is. And it will help with collaboration and teamwork to help each other out. I used to serve in the Boy Scouts, so I’ve done a lot of community service and earned my Eagle (Award) that way because of a requirement to serve in communities. Make everyone happy because I was able to paint schools, decorate schools and also went to the hospital for the disabled and old people to decorate their houses and make them feel welcome. …”

  • Deborah Ingram
    Television, Film and Media Studies

    “Community involvement is important because there are a lot of children in the community who need help and they may need things whether it be tutoring, whether it be clothes, whether it be food and we won’t proceed as a country or as a world if we don’t help our future out.”

  • Cinthia Vargas
    Criminal Justice

    “I think community involvement is important because this is our community and we’re supposed to give back to it and help each other out. I have donated blood, like about, three times so that’s really important because it’s not for me but it’s for the other people in my community that need it. I also have cleaned the streets like, like three years ago, but I still give back to it. They didn’t give me anything but I wasn’t expecting something back because this is our community, this is where we live, and we’re supposed to help each other out.”

  • Christina Bobik
    Urban Learning

    “I think community involvement is important because it is your community and you’re contributing to the wellness of your community. If you want a good community, you have to take part in it becoming a great community in itself. … How I’m involved is I do a lot of humanitarian aid projects through my church services. We do blankets for children in need. Recently I’ve done dresses to send to Africa since they are in poverty.”