Galaxy quest

Galaxy quest

Computer science, animation, and physics and astronomy faculty and students illuminate the universe through interactive videos and online games.

  • Advancing the biosciences

    Alumnus looks to alma mater to help grow Grifols Biologicals, Inc.
  • A 'glass' act

    Working at high temperatures, Gary Coyne molds standard tubes and beakers into unique research apparatuses.
  • A cornerstone in science

    La Kretz Hall, a state-of-the-art science facility, opens in donor's childhood neighborhood.
  • Nurses get a ‘dummy’ run

    Nursing education and practice evolve with robots that say ‘ouch.’ Students get a hospital-like experience before they go through the doors.
  • For her, space rocks!

    Adriana Ocampo.Adriana Ocampo '83 studies other planets, their surfaces and their rocks to learn more about ours.
  • An equation for the future

    Cal State L.A. faculty work to curb the math and science teacher shortage through collaboration and advisement.