What are your resolutions for 2011?

What are your resolutions for 2011?

  • Jermaine Coleman ’13
    Mechanical Engineering

    “It means creating a better future overall in the environment and in our globe to ensure that in the future our children and future generations will be able to enjoy the earth as is it is right now for us, and to make it a cleaner place than it already is.”

  • Edgar Gonzalez  ’11
    Electrical Engineering

    “A better future for our children, and our children’s children.”

  • Jenny Diep ’11

    “Just be more conscientious about the type of carbon footprint that we are leaving behind. It’s as simple as cleaning up after yourself, not throwing, like, bad materials into the ocean, recycling. Just very, very simple things to just prevent carbon footprints. The little things that you do are the most important things that you do.”

  • Robyn Braus ’11

    “Not having to use nonrenewable resources…because they run out. And if we want to keep going the way we are going, then we are going to need to find other resources. I mean if we want to keep up our lifestyles the way that we have them and the way that we set up our houses, then yeah, we are going to have to figure out some sort of way of sustaining that.”

  • Minh Sou ’11
    Civil Engineering

    “Basically, to be green, for myself, is to be healthy. You want to be green, you want to be healthy; basically work out a lot, drink a lot of water and eat good food.”

  • Anna Danilowicz ’11

    “Always being conscious of the environment, loving the environment, loving nature. Recycling all the time, not even thinking about it, not littering. Always turning off the lights before you leave a room or you leave a house. Being sensitive to the products that you are purchasing. Just being aware of the environment and where things come from, not taking things for granted.”