Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

With the release of our spring 2009 issue of Cal State L.A. TODAY magazine, we decided to try something new: we joined Facebook! Now, it is even easier for our readers and followers to communicate with us, as well as fellow alumni, current students and University employees. As a fan, you can also hear about interesting news and stories in between issues, search posts to find past articles and peruse all of our former magazine covers in our photos section.

Here is a glimpse of some of the conversations occurring online.

  • Magazine Cover?

    Thumbnail image of design concept number one.Thumbnail image of design concept number two.

    For the Spring 2009 issue we took two different approaches for the cover. One we sent out to our alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends electronically, and another they received as a postcard in the mail. We asked our fans to weigh in on the two versions.

    “Cool! It’s great to see the kids, but I like the e-mail cover best - it’s more striking and piques my interest without telling the whole story. Now I want to look inside!” Susan Allen

  • Cal State L.A. Magazine spring 2009 stories

    “Great to see an online version of the Cal State L.A. TODAY magazine! Thanks”
    Thomas Honles

    “How long have we had a magazine?”
    Denise Kelley

    “Haha - I have no idea, but I’m glad you joined this too. Let’s write for it!”
    Savannah Pendleton

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You can also join the conversation online at Cal State L.A. TODAY’s Magazine Facebook page.