What are you doing this summer?

What are you doing this summer?

Read about some of the unique experiential learning opportunities, internships and activities that are keeping Cal State L.A. students and faculty on track and on the road to achieving their dreams this summer.

  • Alison Scott
    Senior, Biology
    Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation International Scholar

    “I am in Brazil for three months, working in a lab at the Universidad de Sao Paolo. It’s a great opportunity. You get to travel and you get to work in a lab in an international setting… To do science research, you have to demonstrate that you are able to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.”

    Read more about Scott’s research and trip abroad in the University’s spotlight.

  • Terry Allison
    Dean, College of Arts and Letters
    Fulbright US-Korea International Education Administrators Program Scholar

    “My Fulbright experience in South Korea provided me with a good understanding of educational systems in South Korea and the extremely high value that Koreans place on higher education. The Fulbright program also highlighted a wide range of possibilities for students and faculty from Cal State L.A. to participate in short or longer term international exchanges. … I look forward to working with colleagues in South Korea and here at Cal State L.A. to increase our collaborations.”

    To read more about the Allison’s trip to South Korea, check out his blog, The Dancing Dean.

  • George Herrera
    Degree candidate, Marketing
    Intern at KROC FM 106.9

    “I landed the internship when I was pitching a marketing proposal to the sales department (for my capstone Marketing 442 class in the spring). The guy wouldn’t give me a price … and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. He emailed me later and asked for my resume for an internship.

    “I was really excited. It’s really cool… And with my eagerness, and the enthusiasm that I bring into KROC, they have allowed me to work on deals — something that interns never get to do. It’s going really well for me.”

  • Desi Burt ’09
    Former CSULA decathlete, track star
    2009 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships competitor

    “It was a great experience and a great challenge because I was competing against athletes at the elite talent level...It was surprising to be in third (after the first day) … and then very disappointing to reinjure my back.

    “What I want to do now is rest up, get healthy and then get ready to try and make the team for the USA-Germany Thorpe Cup meet next year and also the nationals.”

    You can learn more about Desi’s first day in the competition in the Athletic Department’s news site.