How has Cal State L.A. prepared you for the future?

How has Cal State L.A. prepared you for the future?

  • Headshot of Jennifer AvilaJennifer Avila
    Graduate student, English
    2008-09 Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship

    “By giving me the opportunity to network with experts in the (athletic and academic motivation) field, Cal State L.A. is providing me with the tools to teach and be part of any doctoral program that I want to do.”

  • Headshot of Morgan Chew.Morgan Chew (‘07)
    ITS Consultant, Cal State L.A.
    2002-03 President’s Scholar

    “The University’s diversity gave me a broad, cultural perspective to think of the world in. It’s really an example of what California is all about.”

  • Headshot of Julio Celada.Julio Celada
    Senior, Mechanical Engineering
    2007-08 Engineering Family Support Scholarship

    “The faculty helped me get an internship at JPL and a full-time job at Pratt & Whittney Rocketdyne. Working for NASA has always been my dream, so I guess I have already fulfilled that.”

  • Headshot of Chingasiyeni Nduna.Chingasiyeni Nduna
    Junior, TV/Film
    2008-09 Nathaniel R. and Valerie Dumont Scholarship

    “You can explore whatever your passion is here. I get to be on stage, I practice public speaking, I work for ASI and get to meet more students and be out in the community. … That will help me start my own TV show.”

  • Headshot of Anthony Shogren.Anthony Shogren
    Graduate student, music
    2008-09 Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship

    “(Cal State L.A.) has helped me create a larger voice for myself and expanded my horizons. My career was as a performer and a drummer. … Now I am also a music composer.”

  • Headshot of Kimberley Suarez.Kimberley Suarez
    Junior, nursing
    2008-09 William R. Hearst/CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement

    “The nursing lab we have here is great. It allows us to do hands on work on dummies, so I am more prepared when I got into the hospital. I feel more relaxed and confident.”

  • Headshot of Arturo Torres.Arturo Torres (‘03)
    Social Worker/Teacher
    Richard Lewis Scholarship Recipient

    “Cal State L.A. helped me understand the social problems in our community by teaching me about the root causes and larger impacts. Now, I have a better understanding of the people I service.”

  • Headshot of Lorraine Tsui.Lorraine Tsui
    Sophomore, Business Administration/Marketing
    2007-08 Presidential Scholar

    “Every class has been important to me. Every class has given me skills to apply to my career. I am learning how to help market my parents' company.”