How do you think your generation can impact the world?

How do you think your generation can impact the world?

  • Portrait of Miles Jeffries ’11.

    Miles Jeffries ’11
    Bachelor's degree candidate, mechanical engineering

    “Hopefully, by doing some great things—like creating green energy solutions and better transportation. I’d also like to see a better allocation of wealth in America and better resources for education and healthcare.”

  • Daisy Rivas ’12 smiles for the camera at Greenlee Plaza.

    Daisy Rivas ’12
    Bachelor's degree candidate, liberal studies

    “I think people in my generation all want to be more successful. A lot of people want to be somebody in their life and they are working harder to achieve that, whatever it is. I, for instance, want to be remembered, recognized for my work—for being the best teacher there is.”

  • Raymond Jones ’10 sits with his hands folded smiling for the camera.

    Raymond Jones ’10
    Bachelor's degree candidate, sociology

    “Our generation is a lot more open-minded to cultures and races. I hope that will have an impact—maybe it will make the public system and government more diverse.”

  • Shelley Viehmann ’10 smiles for the camera.

    Shelley Viehmann ’10
    Bachelor's degree candidate, psychology

    “By creating more security. Everything is so uncertain right now.”