Dr. Joseph A. Bailey

Dr. Joseph A. Bailey

Leaving a legacy and making a difference

Joseph A. Bailey II, M.D., understands the value of education and hard work.


A charitable remainder unitrust is like a combination of a gift and an investment. You place assets in trust, and you receive a lifetime income from them—then the University receives the remainder.

The option offers flexibility and is excellent as a supplemental retirement plan. For more information about charitable remainder unitrusts, please contact University Development at (323) 343-3075.

As a young man in the South, he worked four jobs to save for college. It is no surprise that Bailey has found a connection with Cal State L.A. and the students, most of whom work at least 30 hours weekly.

Early in his relationship with the University, Bailey established a charitable remainder unitrust with Cal State L.A. as a beneficiary. By using an appreciated asset to fund his unitrust, Bailey was able to make a significant gift to the University and reduce the tax liability to his estate, sheltering his family from an added tax burden. His unitrust also produces a guaranteed income for his lifetime.

In addition to making a planned gift, Bailey has supported various programs at the University through current gifts. He created the Joseph A. Bailey II, M.D. endowed chair in American Communities, becoming the first African American to endow a chair in the California State University system.

Bailey practiced as an orthopaedic surgeon for more than 40 years, publishing papers in medical journals and developing six inventions and a patent. One publication, “Disproportionate Short Stature, Diagnosis, and Management,” changed world literature on dwarfism.

Now retired, Dr. Bailey writes a weekly news column and self-help books for urban youths. With a philosophy to help those in need, he remains true to this ideal in every endeavor.

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