Michelle ’84 and Steven Windmueller

Michelle ’84 and Steven Windmueller

Charitable gifts making a difference

Photo: Nancy Miron

For decades, Michelle ’84 and Steven Windmueller have viewed education as a key component of a complete life.

President’s Associates

The following individuals have given at least $1,000 in unrestricted annual gifts as President’s Associates. We salute their investment and invite you to join in supporting Cal State L.A. by making a gift online or calling (323) 343-4866.

  • Anthony Philip Acosta ’74
  • Ruth M. Bell ’93
  • James A. Bell ’97
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bridenbecker ’66
  • Warren ’71 and Nancy Bryant
  • Simon W. Burrow ’78
  • Kyle C. Button
  • Herbert Carter
  • Ricardo and Lisa Chavez
  • Monica Chew ’04
  • Dr. Theodore J. Crovello
  • Howard Ed Davis ’56
  • Jaffe Dickerson
  • Ramon Garcia ’71
  • Art M. Gastelum ’80
  • Gillett Family
  • Jeanette L. Gordon ’76
  • Eric J. Graat ’97
  • Eva D. Grant ’66, ’72
  • Ernest E. Guerra ’80
  • Derrick Hamilton ’91
  • Robert Hoffmann
  • Harry S. Hong
  • John and Jean Isaacson
  • Lillian Y. Kawasaki ’72, ’80
  • Joseph and Sarah Keenan
  • Dal H. Lee
  • Donna Jeanne Leonhard ’68, ’77
  • William ’82 and Kathy Lewis
  • Ethan B. Lipton ’76, ’83 and Janet Lent
  • Fred Lopez ’83
  • Gary J. Matus ’69
  • David ’67, ’76 and Rosemary ’70 McNutt
  • Chinedum Nathan M.D. ’86
  • Louis R. Negrete ’57
  • Terence Nercessian ’86, ’90
  • Sheryl Okuno ’87
  • Charles H. ’53, ’60 and Dorothy M. ’70 Palmer
  • Pamela Angerer Payne ’81, ’91, ’95
  • Marilyn E. Plummer ’71
  • Peter Quan
  • Philip J. Quigley ’67
  • Armando Ramirez
  • Jorge Ramirez ’04
  • Chris Rapp ’76
  • Collette Rocha
  • Timothy Wayne Rogers ’82
  • Anthony R. Ross and Laverne White
  • Asmat Sami Siddiqui ’76
  • Linda Trevillian
  • Ashish Vaidya
  • Gilbert Vasquez ’64
  • Richard J. Wade ’59
  • Elizabeth Wheeler ’81
  • Leonard and Jacqueline Williams
  • Tony Wong ’69, ’74
  • Wilbert Woo ’70, ’77
  • Edmond Yee

Michelle, who earned her M.A. and special education credential from the Cal State L.A. Charter College of Education, is principal of Selma Avenue Elementary School.

She met Steven—a prominent scholar, former dean and faculty member at Hebrew Union College–22 years ago on a blind date.

Right from the start these two doctorate holders, whose parents also taught, bonded over education.

Michelle recalls studying for her M.A. and handicap credential as “the best two years of my life. I was applying what I learned directly to the classroom. At Cal State L.A., I made lifelong friends and attribute my success to the quality of the program.”

The excellence of education at Cal State L.A., which offers unparalleled opportunities to underserved communities, is a powerful reason to stay involved, Michelle says.

“So we created an endowed scholarship—for students who need someone behind them to say ‘you can do it.’ It is wonderful to witness young adults, previously without means, succeed beyond all expectations. And, we were pleased to increase the scholarship value via a deferred charitable gift annuity that will pay us income for life and provide a great tax deduction.”

“CSULA,” Steven notes, “is an impressive institution because it touches first-generation students with an extraordinary opportunity to make something happen in their lives.”

Michelle adds, “We can’t think of anything more important than educating young people to take over; to replace our generation with well-educated individuals who can make a difference in their communities. It’s very exciting to think you might help change someone’s life with a charitable gift.”

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