‘Invested’ in Cal State L.A. for a lifetime—and beyond

‘Invested’ in Cal State L.A. for a lifetime—and beyond

Portrait of Virginia Cooper ’59.
Cal State L.A. alumna and donor Virginia Cooper ’59.

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The following individuals have given annual gifts of at least $1,000. We salute their investment and invite you to join in supporting Cal State L.A. by making a gift online or calling (323) 343-4866.

  • Anthony Phili Acosta ’74
  • James A. Bell ’97
  • Ruth M. Bell ’93
  • Ann Elizabeth Bradley ’76, ’78 & Dana Champion ’99
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bridenbecker ’66
  • Warren ’71 and Susan Bryant
  • Simon W. Burrow ’78
  • Kyle C. Button
  • Ricardo and Lisa Chavez
  • Monica Chew ’04
  • Howard Ed Davis ’56
  • Jaffe Dickerson
  • Ramon Garcia ’71
  • Art M. ’80 & Lillian ’96 Gastelum
  • The Gillett Family
  • Ernest E. Guerra ’80
  • Robert Hoffman
  • Harry S. Hong
  • Lillian Y. Kawasaki ’72, ’80
  • Victor King
  • Dal H. Lee
  • Donna Leonhard ’68, ’77
  • William ’82 & Kathy Lewis
  • Ethan B. Lipton ’76, ’83 & Janet Lent
  • Fred Lopez ’83
  • Gary J. Matus ’69
  • David ’67, ’76 & Rosemary ’70 McNutt
  • Chinedum Nathan M.D. ’86
  • Louis R. Negrete ’57
  • Nancy Nguyen ’97
  • Sheryl Okuno ’87
  • Charles H. ’53, ’60 and Dorothy ’70 Palmer
  • George A. Pardon
  • Pamela Angerer Payne ’81, ’91, ’95
  • Thomas N. Peterson
  • Marilyn E. Plummer ’71
  • Peter Quan
  • Philip J. Quigley ’67
  • Jorge Ramirez ’04
  • Armando Ramirez
  • Chris Rapp ’76
  • Collette Rocha
  • Timothy Wayne Rogers ’82
  • Anthony R. Ross & Laverne White
  • A. Sami Siddiqui ’76
  • Linda Trevillian
  • Ashish Vaidya
  • Gilbert Vasquez ’64
  • Richard J. Wade ’59
  • Geraldine Rene Webb ’73
  • Elizabeth Wheeler ’81
  • Leonard & Jacqueline Williams
  • Patricia Louise Wohlford ’68
  • Wilbert Woo ’70, ’77
  • Zeus Xioco ’03
  • William Jih—Shen Yang ’58
  • Edmond Yee
  • Donald J. Zuk ’61

The question to ask Virginia Cooper ’59 is not what she has done at Cal State L.A., but rather what she hasn’t.

In more than 30 years of service to Cal State L.A.—and seven additional years as a contractor in veteran affairs—Cooper did almost everything. An outgoing conversationalist and avid learner, she assisted in the University Library, administered entrance and assessment testing, organized freshmen and family orientations, advised student groups, provided counseling and career guidance, volunteered with the CSULA Alumni Association and oversaw the Women’s Resource Center, among other things.

“I liked the fact that I worked with a variety of people. I was an adviser to students, served on University boards, and was in charge of programming for special activities,” said Cooper, who graduated from the University with the initial aspiration of becoming an elementary school teacher. “I was doing so many different things, putting on so many different hats.”

That has not changed since she retired in 1998. Cooper says she still finds herself leading many efforts—most often, travel excursions around the globe—and she has even added a new “hat” to her repertoire: Cal State L.A. donor.

After much deliberation and conversations with her family, Cooper decided to leave the University as the primary recipient of her estate. After she provides a bequest for family members, Cooper’s plan is to leave a bequest split equally between the CSULA Annual Fund and the CSULA Alumni Fund to support the activities of each organization. In giving to the University, Cooper says she is able to continue to support students, life-long learning and the University—three things for which she is very passionate.

“Because of my years working with students on campus, particularly women and re-entry students, I know of the need. This will do them a lot of good,” Cooper said. “I am invested in Cal State L.A.”

Interested in learning more about giving opportunities at Cal State L.A? Contact the Office of University Development at (323) 343-3075 or visit the giving portal at www.calstatela.edu/edu/philanthropy.