Surfin' CSLA

Surfin' CSLA

Need alumni membership information? Looking for government resources for a research project? Want to spend an evening at the theater at Cal State L.A.? Well, fire up your Internet browser - the route to this information and more can start right at your computer keyboard through Cal State L.A.'s new World Wide Web home page.

The University is now making available a data base of information and resources through its World Wide Web site , where faculty, staff, students, the media and the public can access, among other things, the University's campus telephone listings, calendar of events, press releases, academic and student programs, admission and alumni information. Other topics and features are added regularly.

"There's a great amount of high quality information available through CSLA's homepage," says Desdemona Cardoza (Vice President, Information Resources Management). And, she says, "I believe we are on the leading edge in the CSU system, as far as student access to electronic information is concerned."

According to Cardoza, more than 14,000 of CSLA's 18,000 students have Network Information System (NIS) accounts at the University. This gives students e-mail access, as well as allowing them to surf the Internet.

Cal State L.A.'s homepage: /sites/default/files/_

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