U-SU Board of Directors - Meet The Candidates 2017



Bryan Fosado

I’m Bryan Fosado. I’m a second year majoring in Biochemistry—your untypical college student who is just in love with our campus and its diversity. Just a little backstory on how I became so in love with the Union: With certain organizations like P3 (Play, Promote, Participate volunteer program) and F.A.B. (Freshman Activities Board) I became more involved in the Union. I was able to consider the Union my second home. I became attached to what the Union has to offer its guests and me. I want to able to return the experience that the Union gave me. It gave me wonderful opportunities to get involved on campus and meet some wonderful people and connections. I was able to discuss with students and faculty what they need on campus and I want to able to make that happen. I want to be able to make that difference. I want to make the Union comfortable for any person no matter what gender, ethnicity, and preference. I want students to be able to have more of the homey warm feeling that I get from the Union. Most importantly, I want to be your voice and represent you in the Board of Directors.


Nathan Lee

I plan to make big changes at Cal State LA; especially regarding parking, class sizes, financial aid, tuition costs, and job-finding.

  • I support relieving the parking situation, promoting mass transit and monthly bus passes, while keeping costs to a minimum.
  • I support events promoting careers and career plans, INCLUDING undocumented students.
  • I support napping rooms, the creation of a campus food pantry, and a “safe room” for homeless students to spend 1-2 days when searching for a place to stay.
  • I support new infrastructure as well as the procurement of state funding.
  • I promote proper advertising and promotion.
  • I advocate for “Cal State LA Spirit”.

With recent events causing hardships for students trying to obtain a high-quality education, its clear confidence must be restored in the student government and university. I value students’ opinions, ideas, and concerns when making ANY decisions with students’ time and money. I also have an open ear and honor minority groups in a way that is fair and just for all groups and all people. I am very familiar with this institution and am ready to begin making change for the betterment of our campus, our community, and our future.


Joshua Nolasco

I am qualified to be a part of the U-SU BOD because of the excellent leadership skills I have developed being a student leader here on our campus. I am currently the social chair of Sigma Alpha Epsilon with previous leadership positions including Vice President and Recorder. I also currently serve as the Vice Chair on the Board of Directors. My goals for this year are to increase both student involvement and student knowledge. I would increase student involvement by finishing my idea of creating an app for the U-SU so that students are well informed. I propose to increase student knowledge by holding more financial literacy classes so that students are ready for the outside world of financials. This is important because 82% of current students classify themselves as first-generation students, so it is important for them to be ready to understand loans and investments.


Candy Noriega

Hello, my name is Candy Noriega. I am a Criminal Justice and Sociology major, minoring in Psychology. I currently hold a position in the Associated Students, Inc. as an Associate Justice and hold a student position on the 2016-2017 U-SU Board of Directors. I am also a part of the Golden Key International Honor Society, Her Campus at Cal State LA and the Center for Student Involvement volunteer program, P3: Play, Promote, and Participate. I was previously a part of one of the social sororities on campus where I held various leadership positions. I have always tried to advocate for those around me. An example of this is working with the foster youth liaisons at ELACC during my time there to help improve financial and academic opportunities for foster youth. My goal is to make sure students’ thoughts and concerns are heard, especially as many outside forces are greatly affecting our campus climate. Working on campus as an orientation leader, I want our campus to be involved and as welcoming as it has been to me. To do that, I want to continue to provide my knowledge, ideas and experiences to continue contributing to our campus and the University-Student Union


Elias Ortega

Hello all, I'm a third year student dedicated to serving the student body. This year I hold positions as A.S.I. Vice Chair for Finance & as a student director on the U-SU Board of Directors. So far I have gained extensive experience by dealing with university and student issues and accessing these issues by reviewing the problem and making decisions pursuant to our university policies. In addition, I'm also a member of FMA (Finance Management Association) and work for the Athletics department. Hence, other than being a student advocate, I'm also growing as a professional leader, in which I plan to foster within our U-SU Board of Directors. That been said, I encourage you all to vote in favor of me so I can continue my momentum on to Fall 2017 and apply my skills and experiences to the U-SU Board of Directors to better assist students of Cal State LA.


Jazmin Ortiz

Hello Cal State LA students! My name is Jazmin Ortiz and I am a junior majoring in Accounting. I am a proud Latina member of four organizations in our campus and I am currently running as 2017-2018 Board of Directors under the auditing committee. I believe in challenging yourself and not being afraid of change. As I a minority and first generation college student I have tried to be more academically and socially involved in our campus in order to challenge lower expectations based on my ethnicity and culture. With this, I want to get a better understanding of our University’s financial status in order to help us understand the business environment culture and advise campus budgets. Being involved in organization clubs, like ALPFA, helps me value the importance to help give suggestions to manage funds and support leadership groups in our campus. As well, I am interested in continuing to support leadership programs to help students develop professionally and build their own brand. I hope I can have the opportunity to be a part of your college journey and be the change in our community.


Robert Solorio

As the current chairman of the U-SU Board of Directors, I have a better understanding of the needs of Cal State LA students. During my time serving as the chairman of the Board, we were able to begin projects for the U-SU that will benefit the students in the long run. I know that if I were to be re-elected to the Board this year, the Board and myself will be able to make a difference on the Cal State LA campus that the student body can benefit from. The goal I set for myself and the Board this election year is to create and better the resources we provide in order to enhance the careers and allow mobility for our future leaders.


Jenika To

As Cal State LA currently has a record enrollment of over 24,000 students and a staggering 240,000 alumni, it is self-evident that we are a highly requested school. With that, I wish to advocate ever more Cal State LA spirit and put an emphasis on maximum student involvement. I want to bring more events on campus that are relevant to us students here to keep us engaged! I’d like to instill longstanding pride in our school as we are a strong community of hard working students and have amazing faculty members. Go Golden Eagles!


Princess Josephine Umayam

I’m interested in joining the University-Student Union Board of Directors because there’s no greater feeling than being able to serve and represent my fellow students and becoming a part of the Board is one of the best ways to do so. I am already currently serving in the Board and it’s been an amazing experience for me so far. It has molded me to become both a better leader and a better person; and if given the opportunity to be elected once more, I will apply what I have learned from my first term and further my initiatives in the future term.


Miracle Vitangcol

I want to serve as your U-SU Board of Directors student director because I want to improve policies within the Union such that they benefit students, faculty, members, staff, and alumni of Cal State LA. I will represent students and voice their needs to better programs that contribute to student success on campus and bring support to facilities that empower students and make Cal State LA a stronger community! I want to serve you and address your needs and make sure you have a better college experience!

India Warren

India Warren

I am proud to be a Cal State LA student and I would be honored to represent the student community as a Board of Directors member.
I am currently the Vice President of Finance for the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority here at Cal State LA. I will take all that
I have learned being a leader for an organization of 100 members and apply that to being a leader of an institution of nearly 30,000 students.
I am dedicated to serving our student community and will strive to uphold programs that will benefit as many students as possible.
I will reach out and get feedback from the student body to ensure that every willing voice is heard and represented.
Above all, I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my statement and I appreciate being able to run for this position.